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Selling your home isn’t just a transaction, it’s a transition. And transitions can be complicated and overwhelming. But that’s where I find an opportunity to contribute– providing creative solutions to tricky transitions, and supporting people through a difficult time.


I'm Erin Larkin-Maguire, the founder and CEO of Good Lines Homes. I've spent 20 years in education–as a teacher, school leader, professor, program designer, consultant, et al.--all for the purpose of ensuring that students, specifically students with disabilities in historically underserved communities, get to be their best selves at school. My strength in education is being able to see what could be–for a child or a school or an entire district– and then figuring out a path to get there. My love for homes and renovation is pretty similar. I’m good at seeing what could be for a home, and then figuring out creative ways to bring that vision to life. 


While I’ve built my career as an education leader, I’ve also been quietly building Good Lines Homes, almost without realizing it. Our family has bought and renovated two homes in Pelham, NY where we live with our 3 kids and we’ve purchased and managed multifamily rental properties. What I’ve learned from these experiences is that there are as many opportunities to do good and help people be their best selves in this business as there are in the classroom.


I find joy in giving homes new life. 

Our Story: About


We chose the name “Good Lines Homes” because we believe in having…

  • GOOD LINES of communication. We’re honest and we listen without judgment. 

  • A GOOD LINE of sight into the future. We think carefully about how to improve a home to ensure it will be a good investment for future homeowners. 

  • GOOD LINES of design. Having a well designed, well thought out home, contributes to your overall health and wellbeing. 


And…once upon a time, my husband and I met on the subway in NYC because he used a “good line” :)

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